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The Vision to give back!

This area was named Chromo and settled by the Price family in the late 1800s and became famous because of the wild life enthusiast William Price after whom the Price Lakes are named in the San Juan National forest, just a few miles from this ranch. We are in the process of putting together an archive documenting the colorful history of this area and all settlers that have been here going as far back as when native American tribes settled here including the Apaches & the Navajos.


Devika Kamboh purchased this property in June 2019 from singer Gary Morris. She is a Certified Financial Planner originally from New York City.  She decided to make a life changing move to the mountains of Southern Colorado as an example of achieving her own financial plan & now has an office in nearby Pagosa Springs. Previously called the Mountain spirit ranch where its facebook page shows the history of past guests, Devika kicked off her 5 year vision to create a space for rest, relaxation & healing for all guests by renaming it "SOHUM" (So- Humm)- in Sanskrit it means to be "one with the Universe". Each time a guest utters the word SOHUM it creates a positive sound vibration throughout your system & jumpstarts your experience towards a feeling of well being & happiness. That feeling grows when you arrive at the property & soak in all the natural wonders.


A wellness center is being designed with the YEA factor!  It will offer a holistic program based on Ayurvedic principles integrating Equine Therapy & the benefits of Yogic practices and sadhanas (rituals). Besides investing in sustainable & biodegradable products through the property, Devika is committed to recycling efforts and eventually plans to convert this property and buildings into a completely Green space thats self sustainable over the next few years including growing organic food that would allow all guests to enjoy a unique farm to table experience. She founded the Sohum Global Foundation, Inc. (SGF) to provide programs focused on veterans & children with special needs, in addition to supporting non profits by providing financial aid & resources for women & children at risk, specifically those exposed to domestic violence. The Ranch is helping to jumpstart these efforts by providing a safe venue for rehab & rejuvenation for these focus groups as part of the larger wellness program. SGF is also creating awareness for conservation efforts in the surrounding forests and protecting the habitat for the local wildlife to maintain the balance of this delicate ecosystem. 9% of net profits from the Sohum Mountain Ranch will be donated to support SGF. For details visit or click on the SGF log on the top of the page.

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